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Valluri Technology

Valluri Technology Accelerators is focused on addressing major environmental and urban challenges facing today’s world. VTA leverages the principle of a “Circular Economy” to efficiently tackle problems in the areas of Air, Water, Soil and Public Health.

VTA’s work is founded on the creation and effective utilization of actionable intelligence from authenticated environmental, urban and scientific data sources. The Company leverages Predictive and Correlative Analytics to deliver forecasts, impact assessments and a variety of intelligence which can aid environmental and urban decision-making processes.

To ensure effective deployment of these solutions, VTA continues to design technology driven unique, cost-effective and customized interventions that can support multiple environmental challenges in diverse geographical areas.

Valluri Change

Valluri Change Foundation engages in providing Corporate Mentoring and Coaching Programs and Business Engagement & Enhancement Strategies across diverse set of areas for Organizations.

Corporate Mentoring and Coaching is provided by global experts in areas such as Leadership, Team-Building, Business Performance, Innovation, Career Management, and Technology & Environmental impacts.

Business Engagement & Enhancement Strategies for Organizations include Management and Advisory services, Leadership Alignment & Development, Technology & Process Improvements, Globalization Strategies, and adoption of Sustainability practices.

The foundation also actively works in providing aid to Organizations that address poverty alleviation and hunger eradication for the underprivileged.

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